Audrey doesn’t like another woman going after Ken, reveals Corrie’s Sue Nicholls

Coronation Street’s got a new love triangle developing when Audrey starts developing strong feelings for Ken, Sue Nicholls reveals to Soaplife.

There’s not been a man in Audrey’s life since sneaky charmer Lewis (Nigel Havers) did the dirty on her, but now it seems she’s ready for romance again. Her friendship with recently widowed pal Ken is deepening and Audrey’s surprised at the strength of her feelings.

“To begin with, Audrey is just enjoying Ken’s company and not reading too much into it. But, as they been spend time together, they start talking about how long it takes to move on from a loss… Audrey realises how deep her feelings are becoming and that a different kind of relationship with Ken is an option,” said Sue.

But there’s another woman who has the hots for Ken…

Do Audrey’s feelings panic her?
“A little. Not because she doesn’t like it, but because she does – and that worries her. She also feels a bit out of her depth with someone like Ken [William Roache].”

Is she also worried about what people may think because of Deirdre?
“Yes. I can understand that because it is quite soon after. But then she stops worrying about that because Nessa appears.”

Who’s Nessa?
“She’s the sister of Roy’s new girlfriend Cathy [Melanie Hill]. It’s immediately obvious Nessa [Sadie Shimmin] fancies Ken – she’s straight in there! She doesn’t give Audrey a second glance, especially once Audrey has made it clear she and Ken are not an item.”

Is Audrey a match for Nessa?
“Nessa’s flirty and gregarious – very much like Audrey herself when she was younger. There’s a bit of that still in Audrey, who has Nessa sussed and is rather peeved by her. Nessa doesn’t have the baggage of having known Deirdre or caring what other people think, so she can just put it out there and go for it.”

Will Audrey “go for it”?
“If I were Audrey’s friend, I would say, ‘Don’t rush into things – if it’s meant to be, it will be’. I’d also tell her not to worry about Nessa – there’s nothing to say Ken is interested in her.”

Would Audrey and Ken make a good couple?
“That is a difficult one. I was quite surprised when I was told about the storyline, but nicely surprised. In fairness it depends what they are going to do and how it develops. It’s nice that it is quite a slow burner and is coming from a mutual friendship. And as yet we don’t know if they will end up as a couple. For now Audrey’s just very peeved Nessa is trying to steal her companion from her.”

Coronation Street, ITV.


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