Baby blues for the Street’s Jason

Coronation Street’s Jason ends up making a drastic decision when he realises he can’t cope with baby Holly, explains Ryan Thomas…

It’s fair to say that Jason has already got a lot on his plate following the death of his boss Charlie Stubbs. And now he’s got a baby to look after…

“Jason can’t cope. He’s up to his eyes with work, having taken over the builder’s yard now that Charlie’s no longer around. He just doesn’t have the time to be a full-time, hands-on dad.”

How has Jason adapted to having baby Holly in his life?

“When Sarah’s around, Jason makes out he has everything under control but, in fact, the opposite is true. He hasn’t bonded with Holly and I wouldn’t say that he loves her. If he had full-time care for Holly, things might be different but as he hasn’t, he regards her as little more than a nuisance. He wishes she wasn’t around.”

Having finally managed to get Holly off to sleep one night, exhausted Jason has a nap himself. How does he react when he wakes up to find Holly gone?

“He starts panicking like mad, especially when he realises the back door is wide open. He thinks somebody’s come in and taken her. Jason runs to the Platts and calls the police, but then Eileen, who’s taken the baby for a walk, comes home wondering what all the fuss is about.”

So, if Holly’s back safe and sound, what makes Jason contact social services?

“He phones social services and anonymously reports that Holly’s not being properly looked after in the hope that she’ll be taken away. The next day, a social worker turns up at the Grimshaws’ but a shocked Eileen convinces her that Holly is fine.”

How does Eileen discover that Jason was behind the visit?

“He’s forced to confess when she starts ranting that the Platts must have called the authorities. You’d expect Eileen to go mad at Jason but she doesn’t. He tells her he simply can’t cope unless he has someone to look after the baby. Yes, Eileen, Sarah and Violet have all helped out at times but Jason needs a full-time carer for Holly.”

And it’s Eileen that comes up with a solution to Jason’s problem, isn’t it?

“She says she’ll take full responsibility for Holly and comes to an understanding with her colleague Claire Peacock. While one of them works, the other will look after Holly and Claire’s baby boy.”

Does Jason approve of this arrangement?

“Totally! He feels guilty about Holly. He has no doubts that she is his daughter, which is why he hasn’t rushed off to get a DNA test. And now that Jason’s able to get on with his work, I’m sure he’ll start bonding with Holly.”

So there’s definitely a chance that Holly could become a real daddy’s girl?

“I’m positive he’ll start loving her and become very protective about her. Once that happens, it would break his heart if he were to find out that she wasn’t really his – or if her mum returned to claim her.”