Barbara delighted with ‘invigorating’ Corrie story

Coronation Street star Barbara Knox says she’s pleased Rita Sullivan is getting married, as it’s ‘a very good story for older people’.

The 78-year-old actress has played Rita for 40 years and she’s set to marry third husband Dennis Tanner, her sweetheart from the show in 1962, as part of Coronation Street‘s jubilee special. And she is glad to be taking back a bit of Corrie from the younger generation.

Barbara said: “It’s fantastic actually, you know. Both for me as an actress, and for people in real life, to see characters getting married at this age. It’s a very good story for older people.

“Everything’s for kids. Even television’s for kids, and I just thought that this is so brilliant! Whoever thought it up, it’s wonderful for all of us – invigorating and different and lovely. I hope you will enjoy it.”

But Rita is set to be kidnapped on the way to the wedding, causing chaos on her big day.

Barbara admitted the dramatic stunts were a little scary, even after 40 years of acting on the street.

She said: “That is me! That was very scary, the manhandling. It was right at the edge of this water. Ooh, it was awful.”

And she had to be careful that the kidnapper didn’t ruin her wedding dress.

Barbara explained: “We put a lot of thought into it, because there’s quite a bit of rough handling in all this, and I still arrive OK. When you see the dress in action you will see exactly what I mean.

“A lot of thought had gone into it to make this possible. After being nabbed and thrown about a bit, the dress actually survives simply because of ‘a certain element.'”

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