Barbara Knox: ‘The Queen watches Corrie’

Coronation Street legend Barbara Knox talks to TV Times magazine about her 40 years on the cobbles…

It’s a very special week for The Queen, and it’s also a special week for Rita and Dennis! How do you feel about them getting married this week?

“It’s unbelievable. I never in my wildest dreams thought this would happen. It makes me weep.”

You met The Queen in 2010 when you were made an MBE…

“She was lovely, and we chatted about the Street. I didn’t quite think about what I said. I remember answering her and being terrified. But she does watch it. She says she enjoys it!”

As Dennis waits anxiously at the register office, his wife-to-be is with Rick at the side of the canal, who isn’t suggesting they have a leisurely picnic… Filming those scenes can’t have been fun?

“I was man-handled at the edge of this water; it was awful. Rita gets thrown about quite a lot. I was almost going over into the water; it was that frightening.”

You’ve got an amazing story about arriving on the cobbles…

“I originally came in for two episodes, in 1964. Rita was going to sing in the Viaduct Club, and needed digs. She couldn’t find any in the Rovers, and then this cheeky young man came in, who was the manager of the club. She persuaded him to let her stay in Elsie Tanner’s bed, because she was on holiday for a week. And that was when Rita met Dennis!”

And now here they are!

“Yes, getting married, which is wonderful. It’s like something you read in the newspapers.”