Jason thought he was calling the shots with Becky, but Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas reveals he’s so not!

How does Jason feel when Becky ends their fling?

“He’s upset because he didn’t see it coming. He was expecting to call things off with her!”

Not that he has any regrets about losing Becky…

“Jason is as thick as pigs*** and he’d never consider that he’d done anything wrong. He seems to think that he’s irresistible. If he wanted her back he thinks it would be easy. But he thought she was being a bit full-on. She was practically stalking him and he wanted her to cool it down.”

She’s certainly cooled it down with him but has heated it up with Steve. How would Jason feel if he found out she’s slept with Steve?

“He wouldn’t be a happy man if he found that out. He’d definitely feel jealous.”

And what if Becky told him she was pregnant?

“He’d run a mile!. She’s already terrified him by talking about babies and that really isn’t what he wants – at all.”

There is a girl Jason wouldn’t run from, though, isn’t there?

“I’d love it if Jason got his own back on David by making a play for Tina. After all the hassle that David has given him, I really think he should. And Tina is a hot lady too!”

Sounds like a plan to us!