Becky will do anything to stay out of prison!

After going on a drunken rampage Becky blackmails Steve into being her alibi, says Coronation Street‘s Katherine Kelly.

How does Becky react when Jason tells her he’s leaving for Italy?

“She’s devastated, but she’s Becky and instead of going to pieces she puts on a front and tells Jason, ‘You were just a bit of eye candy, someone I could go halvsies with on the rent’. Then she throws him out of ‘her’ flat. But she doesn’t mean it of course. Jason’s the first real relationship she’s ever had and she’s really hurt.”

How does she cope with Jason’s confession?

“She ends up a drunken wreck. She snogs a bouncer, starts a fight, steals a purse, flashes her boobs to a gang of lads – then starts smashing things up with an iron bar. She breaks a travel agent’s window because it has a picture of Italy in it and even smashes up a cop car.”

What happens when she is arrested the following day?

“She’s horrified because DC Hooch, who’s questioning her, has been wanting to get her for years. He thinks all his Christmasses have come at once. Becky instantly knows if Hooch has his way she’s heading straight back to prison, so she lies she has a cast-iron alibi for the night. She tells him she was with her secret lover – her boss Steve McDonald.”

Why does Steve cover for her?

“She makes it clear to Steve that he has to go along with her alibi or she’ll tell Michelle about their one-night stand. She doesn’t want to hurt either of them, but her back is against the wall. If she goes back to prison it’ll mean losing everything she’s fought for over the past two years.”

Will the pair end up together?

“I don’t think they’re likely to have a full-blown affair, but another night of drunken sex could happen. Becky’s main concern is staying out of jail. And there is one advantage to all this trouble – it takes her mind off Jason!”