Coronation Street’s Katherine Kelly reveals how Becky puts her heartbreak behind her to be a mum.

Has Becky come to terms with the shock news she’ll never carry a baby full-term?

“She’s still upset, but it doesn’t take long for her to accept it. Deep down she feared she could never have kids.”

How does she react when Steve suggests they could adopt?

“She hits the roof and tells him to give her a chance to get over the news before he starts flinging other people’s cast-offs at her. I suppose he’s being a bit insensitive mentioning it so soon.”

So what changes her mind?

“She talks to Hayley who suggests Becky’s troubled past makes her uniquely qualified to understand the needs of a child in care. She and Steve research adoption on the net and Becky admits she’d love to give a little girl like her a chance.”

And they don’t hang around…

“They’re straight off to an Introduction To Adoption meeting. Becky soaks up all the information and asks lots of questions. What about smoking? Would somebody’s past prevent them from adopting? That kind of thing…”

How does she feel when she sees the Windasses there too?

“Stunned but it helps her realise all kinds of people adopt.”

Does Becky come out of the meeting feeling positive?

“She really wants to adopt, but deep down she feels she doesn’t deserve it. It’s going to be interesting to see her have to communicate with social workers… she doesn’t like them at all.”

Could she love an adopted child as much as her own?

“Definitely. Just look at the way she gets on with Amy.”

Do you think Becky is growing up at last?

“I do. She was 25 when she came to Weatherfield and look at her now. She’s nearly 30, married and thinking about adopting a child. She’s turned into a woman.”

How do you feel about Becky’s new shorter hairstyle?

“I didn’t have much choice. My hair’s almost black naturally and it’s been bleached for six years which has made it very thin. We had packed it out with extensions but you can’t do that for ever.”