Becky getting her dream flat with Jason? It’s too good to last, warns Coronation Street star Katherine Kelly

Becky and Jason are flat-hunting! How come?

“Eileen’s been complaining that the house is too cramped. Becky staying was only supposed to be a short-term thing. Becky hints like crazy to Jason that they get a place and move in together…”

So he takes the hint?

“He doesn’t pick up on it at first so Bill Webster puts it plainly to him. Jason suggests it to Becky and thinks it’s his idea and they start looking for a flat together.”

Bet Becky is thrilled!

“Life is as good as it gets for Becky. She’s behind the bar at the Rovers, she’s back in the cafe with her best pal Roy and moving in with the love of her life!”

What sort of flat are they looking for?

“Bottom of the price range! They see some real dumps. The deposit is a problem… Jason has some money, but Becky doesn’t.”

Does the idea of moving in with Jason make Becky feel more confident about keeping him?

“In Becky’s mind Jason’s ‘the one’. But he’s still married to Sarah and that’s a real sticking point. I think she knows deep down she’d lose him if Sarah came back… His heart is still really with Sarah.”

And what about her one night stand with Steve? Would that ruin things if Jason found out?

“That was an accident, a blip, and Becky and Jason were on a break. Becky doesn’t want Jason to know because she’s frightened of what might happen. Because of his pride I don’t know if Jason would forgive her.”

But it’s bound to come out eventually?!

“Oh, I’d put my money on it!”