‘Becky’s just too much for Steve right now’

Coronation Street‘s Simon Gregson tells Soaplife it could be the beginning of the end for him and Becky when Liz goes after The Rovers…

Steve’s caught in the middle of the battle between Becky and his mum. Is there any question he’s on Becky’s side?

“For the first time, his blind backing of Becky starts to waver. Liz has said ‘take a look in the mirror and see what she is doing to your life.’ And although he’s not letting Liz know it, he’s done that and can see that his mum is right.”

Is he still in love with Becky?

“He will always be in love with her, but it is just too much at the moment.”

Does he resent Becky for the fact they are now looking after her nephew Max, but he has lost his daughter to Tracy?

“Steve loves Max like he is his own son, but obviously Amy is his natural daughter. She is only next door, but it is his flesh and blood and she has been living under his roof and he has been giving her a kiss goodnight and reading her a story and making her breakfast for years now, and for her not to be there is absolutely cutting him up.”

How does he feel when Becky gets drunk and has a go at Liz?

“Shocked that she has done something so stupid again and extremely annoyed. He is constantly having to apologise for her actions and he is constantly having to clean up her mess. At the end of his tether he points out to Becky that she’s driven away his daughter and now his mother.”

Does he think it’s a good thing when his dad Jim turns up again?

“He’s angry because he thinks Jim has come to fight Liz’s battles for her.”

In fact it’s worst than that. Liz and Jim want to take The Rovers. How does Steve find out?

“He catches them in The Rovers with a guy called Richard, an old Newton & Ridley contact, trying to persuade the brewery to buy Steve out and install Liz. He can’t believe that his mum is trying to rob The Rovers and his house from under him and a row breaks out. He gives it to Liz with both barrels, before firmly insisting to Richard that the Rovers is not for sale.”

We know Steve has financial problems after hocking everything to buy Max from Kylie. If the price were right, might he change his mind?

“I think the only thing that would make him go is if he had Becky, Max and Amy and opportunity to start afresh somewhere new.”

Might that actually be the only way Steve and Becky can make their marriage work?

“I think so yes. It can’t continue the way it has been going as they will end up as nervous wrecks. They seem to lurch from one disaster to the next.”

Liz is leaving – will Steve’s life be ruined before she goes?

“It’s soap… so the chances are high…”

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