Coronation Street’s Ben Price as the new Nick Tilsley is just what Corrie fans want for Christmas!

Nick’s coming home for Christmas. Any special reason?

“He gets a call from his gran Audrey telling him his mum’s marrying again. Audrey hopes he’ll talk Gail out of marrying Joe, but Nick turns out to like him.”

What’s Nick been up to while he’s been off-screen?

“He started a business in Nottingham and made a lot of money but perhaps some of his dealings were crooked. Let’s just say he sees it as a good time to come home.”

How does he end up kissing his brother David’s ex, Tina?

“They meet in a bar. When she walks in he thinks, ‘Crikey, she’s beautiful!’ She’s had
a row with Jason over him not divorcing Nick’s sister Sarah. But neither Nick nor Tina have a clue who the other is.”

How does he make his move?

“He says to Tina, ‘I’m not trying to pick you up or anything. Let me buy you a drink.’ It’s all very light and flirty.”

And kissy…

“She can’t resist me! They’re attracted to each other and the kiss is inevitable really. But then she says, ‘Oh no, I’ve got a boyfriend!’ and gets cold feet. He thinks Tina’s boyfriend is a lucky man.”

When does he see her next?

“At the Platts’ on Christmas Day when he’s introduced to her by her dad Joe, the man his mum’s marrying. Nick thinks it’s funny and pretends he’s never met her, then all through the meal they exchange glances.”

Which we hear David notices. What does he tell Nick?

“He says he used to go out with Tina and warns Nick off. Nick pays no attention. He thinks David is pathetic.”

Will he pursue Tina then?

“Put it this way, he’s interested. Tina doesn’t make it easy for him and that excites him.”

How do you feel about playing Nick?

“Delighted. I’ve been up for a few Corrie parts and didn’t get them. I’m glad now as
I like playing duplicitous people like Nick.”

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