Ben Price praises friendship with Corrie co-star

Coronation Street actor Ben Price has said that he believes his friendship with co-star Chris Gascoyne improves their onscreen rivalry.

Nick Tilsley, played by Ben, and Peter Barlow, played by Chris, have long been enemies on screen – but Ben revealed that once the cameras were switched off things were far more good-natured.

“We joke with each other,” the actor said. “We talk about the scenes a lot. Me and Chris have spent a lot of time working together.”

“I think actually, probably because we get on so well, that’s probably what makes it work,” Ben explained. “I’m very lucky because I get on with Chris and we can play the scenes harder. You can actually be slightly nastier because I don’t have to apologise.”

And with Nick set to wed Peter’s ex-wife Leanne Barlow (Jane Danson) on Christmas Day, things between the pair aren’t about to improve any time soon.

“Peter and Nick, they just hate each other,” said Ben. “Nick has no interest in Peter Barlow at all. He’d just rather he wasn’t on the face of the planet.

“He’ll always be there I’m guessing, if Chris wants to play him. That nemesis is always there and that’s what’s great.”

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