Abusive Nathan Curtis hatches a desperate final scheme to make money out of Bethany Platt, Chris Harper who plays him told Soaplife. But Bethany fights back!

Soap baddies ultimately get their comeuppance. Before evil Nathan Curtis hopefully gets his, he makes one last attempt to make money out of teenager Bethany Platt, who he’s groomed and has been pimping out. “He plans to take Bethany to Belgium, where he’ll leave her with a ‘friend’ of his,’ Chris Harper told Soaplife. “He’s washing his hands of her because she’s made a lot of trouble for him and this is his last chance to make money out of her.”

How does Nathan convince Bethany they need to leave the UK?
“As ever, he lies to her about his desire to be with her. But he doesn’t do a very thorough job and he takes her compliance for granted.”

If Nathan doesn’t manage to pull this off, what will the consequences be?
“Through bent copper Neil Clifton [Ben Cartwright], Nathan is linked to much bigger and far nastier fish. There’s big money changing hands, the stakes are high and broken promises aren’t easily forgiven. Nathan will either have to answer to the law or fend off the wrath of the underworld. If things don’t go to plan, Neil will want to cut his losses and leave Nathan behind. It’s the rule of thieves. Neil will want to continue to intimidate Bethany to ensure his own safety and Nathan’s meddling will only complicate that for him.”

Can he keep his composure or does he begin to lose his rag with Bethany?
“He’s trying to control Bethany [Lucy Fallon] through flattery and fear. But now the clock’s against him. He thinks he’s clever enough to play this game, but things are getting very sticky. He thinks if he keeps tightening his grip, Bethany will comply. But it starts to have the opposite effect. It’s his arrogance that leads her to start questioning him.”

Can Mary stop Bethany from going when the teen reveals she’s planning to leave the country with Nathan?

This is a huge week for Bethany and Nathan…
“Bethany will show lots of courage and do something very difficult for her. She’s actually very clever. It’s the moment that everyone’s been waiting for.”

Can you give us any hints on where the story goes from here?
“Bethany jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire, but the end of Nathan’s evil control is in sight. However, the effects of abuse like this can last a lifetime and Coronation Street is taking this storyline very seriously. Bethany has a long way to go on the road to recovery.”

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