Corrie’s Lucy Fallon: Bethany’s so in love with Nathan she does what he wants and sleeps with Neil!

Schoolgirl Bethany is shocked when Nathan allows his friend Neil to carry her off to a bedroom. But she does have sex with him, Corrie’s Lucy Fallon tells Soaplife

Twisted Nathan Curtis’s perverted plans for Bethany Platt are put into action when he sets her up to sleep with his friend, Neil, in Corrie.

“Nathan asks her to go out for a drink with Neil and she ends up in the bedroom with him – it is a truly horrible thing to happen to her,” Lucy Fallon told Soaplife. Just how does it happen and how much worse might it get for poor Bethany?

How does it happen?
“It’s all been thought out by Nathan [Chris Harper]. Bethany’s alone in Nathan’s flat when some guy calls, saying he’s come to collect all the video equipment. Bethany innocently hands it over. When Nathan returns, he pretends that the equipment was actually Neil’s and he’s furious.”

Go on…
“Bethany feels very guilty, but Nathan tells her it’ll be OK if she goes for a drink with Neil to make it up to him. So she does. She and Neil have a few drinks together before heading back to Nathan’s, where there’s a party going on.”

What happens next?
“Neil keeps trying to make Bethany sit on his knee and she tries to let Nathan know that she feels very uncomfortable about this. Nathan, however, ignores her. Neil then carries her into the bedroom…”

Why doesn’t she start kicking and screaming?
“She keeps saying ‘No’ to Neil and telling him she’s got a boyfriend but I think, because she’s so in love with Nathan, she just does what he seems to want her to do.”

What does Nathan say to Bethany after she’s slept with Neil?
“We see them the morning after and he’s acting like everything’s normal. Bethany’s really confused. She feels she’s cheated on him. When she tries to talk to him about it, he’s like, ‘It’s cool’. Later on he tells Bethany, ‘I know what happened and it’s fine – you did good’. After that she’s more confused than ever.”

Can’t Bethany go home?
“She wants to, and she wants Sarah [Tina O’Brien] to be a strict mum, but Sarah’s deliberately being cool on her fella Gary’s [Mikey North] advice. Bethany feels that her mum isn’t bothered about her any more. So Nathan’s got her just where he wants her.”

Please say it’s not going to get even worse for Bethany?
“We have quite a way to go with this storyline, certainly until well into the summer…”

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