Ever since that car accident, Anna Windass has rejected partner Kevin Webster in bed. But Erica Holroyd doesn’t say “no”, Michael Le Vell told Soaplife

Kevin Webster’s relationship with Anna Windass is strong and he’s trying to be understanding. But the lack of intimacy with Anna is really getting to him. “Since the fire that scarred Anna, she’s lost all self-confidence and finds it difficult to be intimate,” Michael le Vell told Soaplife. “And Kevin’s finding the lack of a love life increasingly hard to live with.” So much so, he finds himself locking lips with another woman!

Does Kevin still love Anna?
“Yes and he’s told her he still thinks she’s beautiful. The thing that really gets to him is seeing her giving Tim a hug. How come she can be affectionate with someone else but not him? The constant rejection’s getting him down and he’s very frustrated.”

Kevin hasn’t always been a “modern man” so this is new for him, isn’t it?
“Ha! Kevin can be a bit of a Neanderthal, but he’s been very sensitive and caring towards Anna [Debbie Rush]. He can’t understand why he can’t get through to her. He’s tried everything, but there’s been no intimacy for months and he’s feeling unloved, unwanted and undesired. It’s the elephant in the room and the more they avoid discussing it, the worse it becomes.”

The “other woman” is Erica Holroyd (Claire King)… Has Kevin noticed her before?
“I don’t think he’s thought of her in that way. Erica was kind to him when he had no money and he thought she was lovely. But Kevin’s committed to Anna and he’s not looking for someone else.”

So how do they end up kissing?
“They’re both feeling totally neglected. Erica’s partner Dev [Jimmi Harkishin] forgets Erica’s birthday and he goes away to play golf in Scotland, leaving her on her own. Kevin feels alone so when she offers him a glass of wine, he thinks, ‘Why not?’.”

Is he aware that Erica fancies him?
“Kevin thinks it’s just a drink, some uncomplicated conversation and a bit of company. But then, a good few glasses later, she goes to kiss him!”

“He kisses her back! Erica’s uncomplicated and sexy. However, they’re both in serious relationships and Kevin, although very tempted, isn’t going to take it further.”

Are Kevin and Anna strong enough to come back from all these problems?
“Yes. Kevin wants their relationship to work. He wants to be honest with Anna and he feels they can get through this, despite the situation with Erica. Hopefully, it will be a turning point for them.”

Coronation Street, ITV