Bev Callard fails to show up for Corrie filming

Friends of Coronation Street star Bev Callard have reportedly expressed their fears for her wellbeing after learning she has missed more than a week of work.

A source close to the actress told The Sun: “We have no idea when she’ll be back. She is talking to very few people at the moment and we’re obviously desperate to know she is OK.”

Bev, 51, who plays landlady Liz McDonald in the soap, has not visited the TV studios and friends worry that she is suffering from stress since her real-life pub business was forced to close.

The source added: “It has taken its toll. We knew she had terrible financial problems, which must have been a stress.”

“It is awful to see her like this because she is such a bubbly, warm woman. But I am sure she will be OK because she is a fighter.”

Bev and her partner Jon McEwan poured hundreds of thousands of pounds of their own money into The Gallery pub and restaurant in Cheshire and was devastated when the venture ran into debts.

Bev commented two months ago: “The pub was a black hole which took all our cash and all our time. We couldn’t cope any more.”

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