Bev Callard on Liz McDonald’s Rovers Return

Beverley Callard says Liz is delighted to be back in Coronation Street – but not everyone’s thrilled to see her…

First things first, where’s Liz been for the past couple of years?
“In Spain with Steve’s twin, Andy. She bought into a very successful spa business and now has some serious money to invest in the Rovers.”

What happens when she walks back into the pub?
“You see these legs emerging from a cab and walking into the Rovers. The first thing she does is stop a fight! She’s shocked to see Michelle behind the bar – she had no idea Steve was even back with her. Michelle’s as shocked to see Liz because she had no idea Liz was involved in buying the pub. Steve hasn’t exactly been truthful to either his mum or his girlfriend.”

Uh-oh. Is it beer bottles at dawn for Liz and Michelle?
“They’re both angry, but more at Steve than each other. It soon becomes clear they’re on the same side and Steve’s the one who’s in trouble. You’ll see Liz and Michelle ganging up on him, which makes for lots of laughs.”

Has Liz changed?
“Not much. She’s still in skin-tight mini dresses and sky-scraper heels. I’d like to tone her down a bit, but I know it won’t happen.”

Does she have a fella?
“She says she’s single even though she’s always on the phone to a Spaniard called Luis. She’s actually going to get a new guy, but I’m not allowed to say who he is.”

Does it feel good being behind the bar again?
“Like coming home, although I was very nervous on my first day. With the McDonalds behind the bar, the Rovers will become the Street’s focal point again.”
How long will Liz be staying?
“Two years at least. They’re easing me in gently at first, though!”


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