Bev Callard reveals ‘all Corrie viewers want Liz and Jim to be together’

Coronation Street’s Beverley Callard reveals to Soaplife that Liz is tempted to visit ex-husband Jim in prison again when best mate Deirdre begs her for help…

Liz and Deirdre have been best mates for ever, so it’s no surprise when a distraught Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) begs Liz to tell Jim to lay off Peter. “Liz doesn’t care about Peter, but she does care about family,” Beverley tells Soaplife. But will she visit Jim and how will he react if she does?

How has Liz been feeling since she first visited Jim (Charles Lawson) a few weeks ago?
“It completely unnerved her. There she was, happy with Tony, then suddenly Jim’s back in her life. It’s awoken lots of nightmares, but also lots of dreams because there’s a massive connection between them.”

Does she still have feelings for Jim?
“Liz was really determined to cut him out of her life because he’s trouble. She could cope when it was out-of-sight and out-of-mind, but now he’s resurfaced it’s a struggle.”

So she does!
“Like I say, there’s a massive connection between them and a part of her will always love him. But it’s very complicated. Liz has genuinely fallen for Tony [Terence Maynard].”

What does she make of Jim’s involvement in the situation with Peter?
“She thinks Jim is manipulating the whole situation and doing it all deliberately. She’s known all along Jim’s using Peter to get to her and Steve [Simon Gregson]. But Steve’s her baby and she’ll do anything to protect him.”

How would Jim react if she tells him to lay off Peter (Chris Gascoyne)?
“I doubt it would be straightforward. You know what Jim’s like. He always wants something in return.”

Something like visits from Liz?
“Perhaps… And while the prospect might horrify Liz, she might also agree. She knows it will only be until the trial. Plus, there’s also a part of her that might want to show off and get dressed up to the nines, so Jim can see how well she’s doing. She’d also be absolutely destroyed if he no longer found her attractive.”

Who’d win if Tony and Jim were to come face to face?
“It would be the clash of the titans and I genuinely don’t know who’d win.”

Will viewers be surprised by how Liz deals with Jim this time?
“I hope so. All the viewers want them to be together. That’s what they tell me on Twitter. They’re worried about Liz being with Tony because of what they know about him. They must think it’s better the devil you know…”

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