Bev: Jim and Liz have the most ‘amazing chemistry’

Beverley Callard has revealed that romance is set to reignite between Liz and Jim McDonald in Coronation Street.

Beverley’s character Liz has just made a surprise return to the Street and her ex-husband Jim, played by Charlie Lawson, is not far behind.

“Jim basically turns up when Liz needs him most – he’s her knight in shining armour and they have the most amazing chemistry,” Beverley told the Daily Mirror.

Liz and Jim have had many highs and lows since joining the soap in 1989 and have already divorced twice.

Beverley claimed: “We’re the Liz Taylor and Richard Burton of the Street.”

Off-screen things are just as enjoyable for the reunited cast members in the McDonald clan, including son Steve, played by Simon Gregson.

“Working with Charlie and Simon again was just like the old days,” said Beverley. “They had me in stitches most of the time. We’d be filming a really dramatic scene and they’d be making me laugh.”

But Beverley, who plans to leave the soap in a few months for some time off, added: “Despite their chemistry, I’m not sure if Liz will ever make it work with Jim.”

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