Beverley Callard reveals how Carla jeopardises Tony’s Rovers Return takeover

Coronation Street’s Beverley Callard tells Soaplife how tricky Tony’s dirty plan to cheat Liz out of the Rover backfires big time!

Of all Liz McDonald’s dodgy boyfriends, Tony Stewart’s up there with the worst. He’s promising Liz a new life in Spain when really he’s planning to swindle her out of her share of the Rovers in order to set up lover Tracy Barlow behind the bar.

“Liz is very open and loyal, and doesn’t suspect that Tony’s up to no good – he’s given her no grounds, plus she can’t imagine he’d ever be so deceitful and malicious,” Beverley tells Soaplife. But when Tony’s plan starts to unravel, will Liz finally smell a rat?

Does Liz want to move to Spain with Tony (Terence Maynard)?
“Once she’s satisfied Steve [Simon Gregson] will be OK without her. Tony manipulates Steve into reassuring Liz he is so, yes, she’s very excited about starting a new life with the man she loves.”

And Tony’s plans to sell her share of the pub to his bogus firm, Travis Ltd?
“She’s a bit worried about that. She wants to know that Steve and Michelle [Kym Marsh] will still have a job and a home at the Rovers – and that she will, too, if she wants to return at some point.”

But Tony persuades Liz to sell, right?
“Yes. He tells her it’s a good deal, that Travis Ltd will be a sleeping partner, and that Steve and Michelle will still be able to live in the Rovers and run the pub.”

Dirty liar! What happens next?
“Liz and Tony are about to go to the solicitors to sign the deal when Michelle tells them that Carla [Alison King] has offered to buy Liz’s share of the pub.”

Is Liz pleased?
“Delighted. It’s a no-brainer so far as she’s concerned. Why sell the pub to someone she doesn’t know when she can sell to Carla, who’s a friend and will have Michelle’s best interests at heart? Plus, it’s not like Carla is ever going to want to stand behind the bar, so Liz knows there’ll always be a job at the Rovers if she wants to come back.”

Tony’s furious, though…
“He’s adamant Liz should honour the deal with ‘Travis Ltd’ – of course he is! He’s desperate to keep the deal on the table but obviously he can’t push it too much or that would arouse suspicion.”

How would Liz react if she found out about what Tony and Tracy were up to?
“I don’t think she’d really believe it. She knows Tony’s a bit of a wheeler-dealer when it comes to business but, as a partner, she totally trusts him. Tracy [Kate Ford] is the mother of Liz’s granddaughter and the daughter of her best friend. The truth would totally devastate Liz.”

Coronation Street, ITV.


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