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Corrie’s Bill Roache: ‘Suddenly you have four Barlow men, all with baggage. It’s wonderful!’ (VIDEO)

Corrie icon Bill Roache says Ken's terrible stroke could lead to a classic Baldwin-Barlow rivalry, when his son Daniel and grandson Adam return to the Street

Corrie star Bill Roache has welcomed Ken’s stroke – because it ushers in a new era for the Barlow family and yet another Barlow-Baldwin rivalry.

Ken seemed to suffer a serious stroke on Monday night after a row with prodigal son Peter Barlow, who returned in a typical cloak of mystery and trouble.

Bill told What’s on TV: “Peter is an alcoholic bigamist who lies all the time and Ken knows this and he still loves him and he’s hoping to find something good there. But of course he doesn’t and that’s the beginning of an argument that gets his blood pressure up and he has a stroke.”

Ken’s stroke is a herald call to his wider family, which will see the return of grandson Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) and the debut of Rob Mallard as his son, Daniel Osbourne. Exactly how and when they arrive isn’t yet known.

Bill said: “The stories are wonderful. The Barlows have always been female. Blanche and Deirdre and the children. Suddenly there are going to be four men: Peter, Ken, Daniel and Adam. It’s wonderful. I’m really excited and all of them have got baggage, terrible problems and what he mustn’t have, under any circumstances, is stress!”

“The great thing about Coronation Street is it draws on its own history,” he said. “Daniel is an illegitimate son of Ken’s, but he’s a Mini Me, he looks like me and he’s a university graduate… so that’s an interesting ploy. The other one [Adam] is actually the son of his daughter by Mike Baldwin who’s his arch enemy, so you’ve got the whole Baldwin conflict coming in. It’s brilliantly thought out.”

Watch the interview with Bill Roache, above.