Billy and Todd could lose Summer, reveals Corrie’s Daniel Brocklebank

Parenting his god daughter Summer is pushing vicar Billy to the limit, Daniel Brocklebank reveals to Soaplife

Vicar Billy Mayhew was asked to raise Summer Spellman by her dying father, who was Billy’s ex. Billy wants to do it and so does his partner Todd Grimshaw, but Billy is really struggling…

What’s the story?

“Both men love having Summer, but with Billy being a vicar and very moralistic, he wants to be a brilliant dad and good at his job, while still being good fun and a good partner to Todd,” Daniel Brocklebank told Soaplife. “Having Summer in their lives has completely changed Billy and Todd’s relationship dynamic and Todd is winning so far in the parenting stakes.” And that becomes very clear when there’s an emergency with Summer. . .

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Coronation Street star Daniel Brocklebank reveals all to Soaplife

Soaplife: Summer’s actually rushed to hospital in an ambulance, isn’t she?

Daniel Brocklebank: “Yes. She’s very emotional as it would have been her real dad’s birthday and she smokes a dodgy-looking cigarette which Simon Barlow gives her. And then she collapses!”

Coronation Street Summer Simon


S: Bet he’s terrified!

DB: “He is. He promised he would take care of Summer and yet only a few months later, she’s being rushed to hospital. He’s so worried and feels like he’s failed.”

S: And then he turns violent and smacks Peter Barlow!

DB: “Yes. Peter tries to apologise on Simon’s behalf and he sees red. He loses his temper and reacts in a way that not only shocks Peter but also shocks himself. Billy flies at Peter and punches him. It’s rare that his temper flares but he does have one. Yes, he is a vicar but it doesn’t mean that he isn’t flawed. This is a side of Billy that he has tried to suppress but it will come out again in other ways.”

S: How does Todd react to what Billy does?

DB: “Todd is horrified because Billy’s actions put their adoption of Summer at risk.”

Coronation Street, ITV

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