Bradley Walsh will present a new casino-style game show for ITV1 from next month.

Spin Star will put five contestants in charge of a Las Vegas-style slot machine called the Moneyspinner, with each reel holding cash and questions.

As the contestants answer questions correctly they will build up a potential prize fund of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

But in an unusual twist, the contestants will not get their hands on any of it until they become the Spin Star, the person in charge of pulling the slot machine.

Former Coronation Street star Bradley said: “I am delighted to be presenting Spin Star. It’s such an incredibly entertaining show with lots of surprises in store for the contestants and viewers.”

“We really get to know the contestants and I am sure the viewers will feel their pain on losing and their joy on winning.”

Spin Star sees huge shifts in fortune; big gambles, against-the-odds victories and sudden and devastating losses – all within seconds of each other.