Brian Capron on life after Corrie: ‘People still shout “Hello, murderer!”‘

Former Coronation Street star Brian Capron tells Soaplife about life on the road in his new musical…

You’re touring in a musical called The Smallest Show on Earth… What’s it about?
“It’s based on the 1950s Ealing Studios comedy film of the same name. A young couple inherits an old movie house – but they also inherit the projectionist and the box office manager who’ve been there for years. I play Mr Quill, the eccentric old projectionist!”

Do you do much singing and dancing?
“A bit. The score is made up of classic Irving Berlin numbers like Blue Skies, Chasing the Blues Away and Don’t Brush Me Off. It’s the kind of show that really will make you forget your troubles and you’ll leave the theatre smiling. It’s charming, funny, quirky and a great ‘feel-good’ night out.”

How long is the tour?
“Nine weeks. And we’re hoping for a transfer into London’s West End after that. It’s very exciting to be involved in a brand spanking new production that’s never been done before.”


Do you like touring?
“I miss home and family, but touring’s a way of life for me. It’s part of my job.”

Do you still get recognised as Coronation Street multi-murderer Richard Hillman?
“All the time! People shout out ‘Hello Richard!’ or ‘Hello murderer!’ when I’m walking down the street, or something like that. That’s incredible, given it was 13 years ago now. I don’t mind at all, though. Although playing such a character could be seen as rather a double-edged sword in that I’ll forever be associated with him, in many ways it’s thanks to Richard that my career is still going. I owe everything to him, in fact. I wouldn’t be talking to you now had it not been for him. He’s raised my profile so, so much and has given me opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have had, such as playing Mr Quill inThe Smallest Show on Earth!”

Would you like to do more TV?
“Yes – but I’ve kept my hand in since leaving Corrie. I’ve had guest spots in shows like New Tricks and Midsomer Murders.”

Do you have any great ambition as yet unfulfilled?
“My ambition is just to keep on working. Each challenge that comes along is wonderful.”


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