Brooke not moving in with ‘messy’ co-star Michelle

Coronation Street’s Brooke Vincent has insisted she is not moving in with co-star Michelle Keegan as her friend is too untidy.

The pair had joked they ‘might as well move in’ together earlier this month, when Michelle rang a Manchester radio station to deny rumours she was dating former The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright, and revealed Brooke was staying with her at her flat.

Brooke said: “I stayed there the other night and there was some mad rumour going round so she rang the radio station and said I was there – adding, ‘She might as well move in.’

“Since then everybody thought I was moving in, I’ve had people ringing my agent asking if we want to do a documentary on us.”

The 20-year-old actress added she couldn’t move in with Michelle, 25, because she is too messy.

She said: “I’m not moving in with Michelle, she does my head in!

“I share a dressing room with her. To be fair her house is very tidy, it’s the dressing room that’s the problem.”

Brooke revealed she is still living with her parents and admitted she can be untidy. but her mother makes her clean it up.

She added: “And when I do I get a bit OCD about keeping it tidy for a bit because it’s taken so much effort.”

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