Coronation Street’s Brooke Vincent reveals that when Sian comes back for Sophie, it’s (secret) love on!

When did Sophie first realise she had feelings for Sian beyond friendship?
“It hit her all of a sudden when she went in for that kiss. It was just one of those moments. They’d had a row, Sophie didn’t know what to do and she kissed Sian.”

Was it difficult filming that kiss?
“I was really nervous and so was Sacha Parkinson who plays Sian. But we had
a really good woman director and we rehearsed it with just the three of us.
Once we’d done it once we were OK.”

Has Sophie accepted Sian doesn’t feel the same?
“She was devastated when Sian rejected her, and more so when Sian returned her friendship bracelet… that showed Sian didn’t even want to be friends any more.”

Does she confide in her family at all?
“Rosie can see she’s upset. She thinks it’s boy trouble and gives Sophie a makeover which cheers her up. But then Ryan says he’s spoken to Sian and thinks they might get back together. Sophie’s heartbroken.”

Is that why she agrees to date Lee?
“She thinks she may as well. But she spends the whole time thinking about Sian and realises she’s not interested in boys at all.”

When does she find out Sian’s had a change of heart?
“Rosie tells her Sian came looking for her while she was out with Lee. She chases after Sian and finds her waiting for a cab. Sian’s angry but she softens as Sophie explains every minute of the date felt wrong. Then Sian says she doesn’t love girls, but she does love Sophie and they kiss again.”

Will they keep their love secret?
“Absolutely. Nobody will notice anything strange as they’re best mates anyway.”

Would Sophie care if people found out she’s gay?
“No. She’s very strong. It was the same when she found God. She didn’t care what people thought of her.”