Coronation Street Brooke Vincent reveals Sophie’s big secret is about to be a secret no more!

How is Sophie feeling about her relationship with Sian?
“She’s really enjoying it and nobody suspects because girls often hold hands and giggle with best friends.”

Why doesn’t she just come out?
“Sophie’s not that bothered, but Sian’s not so sure. She doesn’t see herself as a lesbian. It’s just that she loves Sophie.”

But they have a lovers’ tiff. Why?
“Sian complains of stomach pains, but Sophie thinks she’s putting it on to get out of going to the school prom with her.”

And then she thinks Sian’s stood her up…
“Sophie’s waiting at school, but Sian doesn’t show. She’s talking to Ryan at the bus stop when she collapses in pain. Ryan calls an ambulance and she’s rushed to hospital.”

How does Sophie feel when she hears the news?
“She’s in an awful state. She arrives at the hospital to hear they’ve operated. She’s really worried.”

How does she react when she sees Ryan at Sian’s bedside?
“She’s so relieved when Sian’s OK she decides to let it go.”

What about when Sian agrees to go to tea with Ryan?
“Sophie’s not OK about that, but when Sian says, ‘He did save my life’, she can’t really argue. But then she hears Ciaran’s planning a romantic setting to help Ryan win back Sian… and she barges in.”

What does she find?
“She sees Sian pulling away from Ryan and thinks the worst. Sophie storms off, but Sian chases after her and explains she was letting Ryan down gently and it’s Sophie she loves. But Ryan has followed them and sees and hears everything.”