Busted! Tina O’Brien reveals who catches Corrie’s secret lovers, Sarah and Callum

Coronation Street’s Tina O’Brien tells Soaplife what happens after Sarah and Callum are caught out…

Sarah and Callum are busted when Nick catches them kissing around the back of the Rovers. “Nick [Ben Price] forces Sarah to tell him what’s going on and Sarah’s gutted because she doesn’t want to label it as something before it’s even taken off,” Tina says. “Plus she wants to tell people in her own time.”

Is Callum (Sean Ward) just a welcome distraction for Sarah?
“Initially, he was a distraction and a bit of fun. She’s a bit disappointed to be staying in Weatherfield and Callum takes her mind off that. But he’s also charismatic and charming. He’s picked up on how Sarah works and that she likes attention, so she quickly comes round to his winning ways!”

Doesn’t she realise how bad he is?
“David [Jack P Shepherd] has told her Callum’s really bad news, but Sarah just brushes it off and assumes he’s not as bad as he’s made out to be and that people don’t know him like she does. She thinks there’s another side to him and she can change him. You’d think she’d be older and wiser by now.”

How does David react?
“He’s totally gutted and he sees it as a betrayal. Of all the people she could go out with, why does it have to be Callum? But in Sarah’s head, she thinks they could all play happy families!”

Who does she think Max should be with?
“She’s really torn. She’s trying to be neutral for David but her head has been turned by Callum. He’s given her the whole speech about how much he cares for his son and she’s definitely smitten with him.”

Coronation Street, ITV.


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