‘Callum knew Kylie would always come back,’ says Corrie newcomer Sean Ward

Introducing Coronation Street’s new bad boy Callum Logan, played by Sean Ward… Callum is Kylie’s ex and deals in drugs – and a lot of other trouble!

So is Callum happy to see Kylie when she turns up looking for him in a pub?
“Callum actually sees Eva [Catherine Tyldesley] first, as she’s sat with Macca, Callum’s mate. Obviously Callum has no idea that she’s there with Kylie. He sees this stunning blonde woman who’s never been seen before in the pub. She looks a bit out of place! Callum’s straight over there to talk to her, before Kylie comes out of the toilet and they lock eyes. I think it’s shock. The dimensions completely change. Callum has a cheekiness to him, though and his attitude towards Kylie at that moment is, ‘I knew you’d always come back!'”

Does Kylie (Paula Lane) tell him she’s come looking for answers because of Max’s ADHD?
“The first time Kylie sees Callum again there’s a lot of people around, a lot of old faces that she’s catching up with, and Callum almost takes a bit of a back seat while she’s talking to them all, but never once does he take his eyes off her. He occasionally drops in the odd comment, trying to unnerve her.”

At what point does she tell him she’s married and has a daughter now too?
“It’s over a game of pool! I know Callum is extremely surprised that she has another child. He thought she really struggled with Max when he was a baby so never thought in a million years that she’d have another one. I think he’s intrigued that she has this ‘fake’ life, as that’s how he views it. He knows that’s not who Kylie is and doesn’t believe she could have changed her ways that much. He’s not convinced by the family set-up she’s got. Kylie’s still her feisty self at heart and he knows he can tap into it.”

Does Callum think Kylie’s come back for him?
“He plays it that way… He winds her up by telling her he knows that she’s come back for him. He knows that something’s not right with her and something’s up. He doesn’t believe that Max is the only reason she’s come back. I don’t think Callum is too bothered about Max, but seeing Kylie makes him realise he wants her back. He knows there are flaws in the life she has now, or else why would she go backwards? I think he hopes that he’ll be able to talk her into his way of thinking so that she starts to see the holes in her life with David [Jack P Shepherd].”

Callum’s just out of prison but not going straight, is he?
“No. He’s a drug dealer, that’s how he earns a living. He likes to have power and control, that’s why he sells drugs. He likes selling to people who are worse off than himself as it makes him feel better about his own life.”

What’s his reaction when Kylie asks him for drugs?
“He’s shocked at first and he uses it again as a way of keeping her where he wants her. I don’t think he believes that she’s happy back in Weatherfield and I think he believes he’s making her feel herself again. She’s the only person he’s ever really loved and cared about.”

What about his own life, such as his family?
“We don’t know much about the Logan family or even if he has much to do with them, but we do meet a number of Callum’s close friends and allies in the Dog and Gun during my first scenes. All of Callum’s mates feature in Kylie’s past, so when she comes looking for Callum she finds them, too.”

Does Kylie still fancy Callum?
“There’s definitely something that draws them to one another. But I think Kylie has got far too much going on in her head for her to even process the thought of another fella as well, on top of all her other worries.”

Is he going to cause trouble for the Platts?
“Yes. Callum was sent to prison so that put an end to any chance Callum might have had to be a dad to his son. I think Kylie turning up again has given him an ‘in’ and he’s not going to let her go so easily this time. He knows what he wants and he won’t stop at anything to get it.”

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