Can Becky and Steve keep the dirty secret secret?

Becky and Steve are desperate to keep their dalliance a secret, which means soon the whole Street will know! Coronation Street star Katherine Kelly shares the gossip…

Do you think the street will learn their secret?

“If no one knew, I’m positive it would never get out. But Roy and Lloyd both know – and both feel guilty that they know.”

Does Becky feel guilty at all?

“She does but she doesn’t dwell on it – Becky doesn’t do that. She even accepts the barmaid’s job at the Rovers when Michelle offers it to her.”

Isn’t she living dangerously?

“She should realise that it’s all a disaster waiting to happen but instead she’s blissful. It’s Jason she wants. She love, love, loves him and now she feels like she’s his official girlfriend.”

Roy isn’t very happy about the situation though, is he?

“Roy and Becky have a massive row. They mutually decide to part company. She gets more shifts at the Rovers and moves in with Jason at the Grimshaws. But she does feel like she’s let Roy down and she feels bad about it, worse than she does about sleeping with Steve actually.”

Does she worry about what will happen if her secret gets out?

“Becky knows if Michelle and Jason find out that she slept with Steve, she’ll be sunk. But she doesn’t worry about it. She lives life from day to day.”

And she’d better make the most of those days because we reckon they’re numbered!