Can Claire save Freddie and her marriage?

Claire’s desperate to save Freddie’s life but Coronation Street’s Julia Haworth says her marriage has had it!

Claire finally reckons she’s ready to come home and pick up where she left off… No chance! Her dear hubby’s been having it away with her best friend and her best friend’s about to have her baby away.

As usual, Claire hasn’t a clue, has she?

“Well, she does have a bit of one. Audrey comes to see her at her mum’s and hints that maybe she should come home before Casey takes her place!”

And does Claire believe what Audrey’s saying?

“No, until she gets home and there’s a weird atmosphere she can’t exactly put her finger on. She asks Ashley if he’s been having an affair with Casey and he denies it but there’s still this niggling doubt that won’t go away.”

And nor will Casey when Ashley tries to end their relationship. She tells him she won’t give up until she gets what she wants, which turns out to be baby Freddie. What happens?

“Claire and Ashley leave Freddie with Kirk at the butchers while they run errands and Casey kidnaps him. She tells Kirk they asked her to have Freddie and it sounds totally plausible to him. But to Ashley it sounds totally terrifying. He begs Kirk not to tell Claire and rushes to Casey’s flat. But Audrey saw Casey with Freddie and when she tells Claire an alarm goes off in her head. She phones Ashley and asks him if he’s at Casey’s and though he denies it she suspects he’s lying and her and Audrey dash after him.”

Once in Casey’s flat do all her worst nightmares come true?

“Casey’s on the balcony of her high rise with Freddie in her arms, threatening to jump. In an instant Claire realises just how disturbed Casey is.”

Does Casey tell her the details of her and Ashley’s affair?

“Inside Claire’s world is falling apart but while she’s registering everything Casey and Ashley are saying all her energies are completely focused on Freddie. She instinctively knows she must keep calm and stay strong if she’s going to save him. She starts talking to Casey, pretending she’s on her side, that she understands. The truth is that she couldn’t care less what happens to Casey, she’s just waiting for the opportunity to grab Freddie from her.”

And if Claire does save Freddie will she want to save her marriage?

“She’s been so hurt and betrayed by him that I don’t see how she could. The minute she discovers how he’s betrayed her it’s like a switch has been flicked. She feels icy inside and doesn’t want him anywhere near her…”

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