Can Leanne make money – without selling herself?

Coronation Street’s Leanne says she’s stopped selling herself, but how will she get hold of flirty Dev’s money without resorting to her old ways? Actress Jane Danson tells us everything…

Leanne’s restaurant isn’t going as well as she hoped. Does she need more money?

“She certainly does. She finds out Janice’s boyfriend Roger is skint after buying into the restaurant. Business is picking up with Paul as her new chef, but not enough for her to pay back Roger.”

What’s her solution to her money worries?

“She decides to find a new investor – and she chooses Dev!”

Why on earth would she want to strike a deal with dodgy Dev?

“She figures he’s her best bet. He’s bit of a player with a string of successful businesses. Most importantly of all, he has cash to invest.”

Didn’t Leanne accuse Dev of sexual harassment a few years ago?

“Er, yes she did. But, as she says to Dev when he brings it up, she was young and stupid back then. She apologises.”

How does she persuade him to invest in the restaurant?

“She takes him there and wines and dines him. There’s no fluttering of the eyelashes, no outrageous flirting. She wants Dev to be her business partner – above board, no funny business.”

Is he interested?

“Not really. I think he’s just humouring her, just seeing how she goes about pitching her proposal.”

Is Dev hoping that Leanne’s business deal includes “special” favours?

“He might be, but he’s wrong! There’s a moment when Dev flirts with Leanne, giving her the opportunity to offer herself in return for money. But she doesn’t go there. She wants everything to be professional and businesslike.”

So, she doesn’t fancy him?

“That doesn’t come into it. When Dev says ‘You’re not coming on to me, are you?’, she replies ‘I promise you, you have absolutely no worries on that score!’ ”

What will she do if Dev doesn’t give her the money?

“She’s pretty desperate, but she wants to be seen as a proper businesswoman. She’s never really achieved anything – this is her chance. She tells Janice she’s going to run the restaurant properly and she means it. She’ll keep asking around until she finds someone who is willing to put money in.”

Does this mean Leanne has finally moved on from being a prostitute?

“I don’t know what the writers have in store for her, but I’m crossing my fingers she’s left that part of her life behind. It was interesting to play, but if you keep going down that route with a character it’s very hard to come back. I want Leanne to make something of herself.”

Would you like her to find someone to love?

“I think, deep down, she wants to be in a loving relationship more than anything. She’s made such a mess of her personal life over the years. She really did fall for Liam and he’s still around. Who knows, perhaps there’s still a chance there…”

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