Careful, Peter. Nick will stop at nothing…

Coronation Street Chris Gascoyne tells Soaplife that Nick may have saved Peter’s life, but he’s out to wreck his life… and his marriage to Leanne.

Peter’s in a wheelchair following the crash. Will he ever walk again?

“Hopefully, yes, but it will take time and patience. He can drag himself along on crutches, but he can’t lift his feet and keeps tripping. But he’s lucky to be alive.”

How’s he coping with being disabled?

“Not well. He hates it that his body isn’t working and feels so guilty at what he’s putting Leanne through. He’s completely dependent on her. They’re just back from a break after their hospital wedding, but it wasn’t the honeymoon Peter envisaged.”

Is he able to be a husband to Leanne in every sense of the word?

“That’s very doubtful. When someone asks him, he replies, ‘Look, I have enough trouble putting my socks on.’”

Peter tells Leanne she should do them both a favour and leave. Does he know about her affair with Nick?

“Not yet. They have a row and he says she shouldn’t waste her time with someone as useless as him. But he’s just lashing out.”

She might do just that if Nick gets his way and tempts Peter to drink again…

“Nick will stop at nothing to get Leanne. He’s encouraging Peter to fall off the wagon. Nick knows Leanne will be furious if she finds out Peter’s drinking again and hopes it’ll make her leave him.”

Doesn’t Peter stop to question why Nick’s being such a ‘buddy’ suddenly?

“Peter’s at a low ebb and having Nick next to him suggesting that he has a drink, well… He can’t resist it. Nick’s extremely subtle and makes out he’s being a real mate… and Nick DID save his life.”

Ciaran’s his real mate. What happens when he sees Peter drinking with Nick?

“Ciaran immediately thinks he’s on a bender. Peter swears he’s not. It’s not like he’s getting any pleasure from it. It makes him feel even worse and he’s scared stiff Leanne and Simon will find out. But all it takes is one drink and he wants more.”

Could Carla help Peter through this?

“Who knows? Carla doesn’t seem to have stopped fancying Peter and she clearly wants to help him. But for now, though, he’s not thinking about Carla – not consciously. It’s Leanne who means everything to him…”