Carla discovers Tony’s secret

Carla knows Tony killed Liam. But will she dare confront him? Coronation Street‘s Alison King explains Carla’s dilemma…

Not for one moment has Carla believed there’s any truth in Maria’s accusation that Tony had Liam killed. Like the police and the rest of the Street she’s believed Maria’s paranoid and needs help.

But when Maria starts doubting herself and trusting Tony it’s Carla’s turn to become suspicious of him…

It all kicks off after Maria nearly kills Tony by mowing him down the same way she believes he mowed down Liam. At the last moment, however, she swerves the car and even though she hits him he’s not badly hurt.

“Carla hears the crash and rushes outside to Tony who’s just coming round. When the police arrive Carla insists it was no accident, that Maria drove straight at Tony. But when the police question him at the hospital he claims it was his fault, that he stepped into the path of the car.”

How does Carla react?

“Carla can’t believe that he isn’t pressing charges and the more she thinks about it all the more suspicious she becomes.”

And Tony unwittingly increases her doubts when he orders Jed to return to the Street so Maria will see he’s still alive and think if she was wrong about him killing Jed she could be wrong about him killing Liam.

“When Jed shows up Maria backs right down. In fact she tells Tony she let her imagination run riot and she’s dropping all her claims. But later Carla hears Tony threatening Jed and realises he is hiding something.”

So while Tony thinks he’s home and dry, Carla secretly goes to see Jed.

“He won’t tell her much but she can tell he’s scared stiff of Tony. She also notices the marks on Jed’s neck from where Tony strangled him, though of course she doesn’t know that’s what happened.”

Back on the Street she goes to question Maria, then she confronts Tony.

“She’s now sure there’s something in Maria’s allegations and she’s determined to get to the truth. She tells Tony she believes he’s responsible for the marks on Jed’s neck and tries to force a confession out of him but he wriggles out of it.”

But Tony’s wriggling days are over when Carla later sees Jimmy rushing out of Underworld and overhears Emily saying Jed has collapsed and is in intensive care…

“Carla sees the fear in Tony’s eyes when he hears about Jed and her blood suddenly runs cold. In that moment she knows he definitely did kill Liam.”

But can she get him to admit it – and might he kill her too?

“She doesn’t care. She wants the truth and won’t stop until she gets it now.”

We can reveal that Carla is going to vanish while Alison goes on maternity leave but reports say she’ll be back in the autumn… And what then? Surely she’ll want revenge?

“It will be hard for her knowing the love of her life died because of her. But whether Tony will also die because of her is still top secret!”

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