Carla realises Peter’s innocent after his deathbed revelation, says Corrie’s Alison King

Coronation Street’s Alison King reveals to Soaplife how Carla becomes totally confused when Peter opens his heart to her – and she’s hit by the shocking truth!

Carla’s been happy to let Peter rot in prison… until she hears his drinking has landed him in hospital and he’s probably going to die. To Rob’s horror, Carla decides to visit Peter… And what Peter reveals really throws Carla: he says he knows she killed Tina but he’ll take her secret to his grave. “Carla’s completely taken aback – she’s gobsmacked that Peter actually thinks she could have killed Tina,” Alison tells Soaplife. “But when she’s finally able to process what he’s saying, she realises that if he genuinely thinks she killed Tina, then he obviously didn’t,” adds Alison.

What are Carla’s feelings when she sees Peter (Chris Gascoyne)?
“She’s seen Peter at rock bottom before, but this is different. Peter truly is at his lowest ebb and Carla realises he really might not survive. Ken persuaded her to visit Peter and she’s pleased he did. Although she hates Peter for what he’s done to her and blames him entirely for losing the baby, she would never forgive herself if anything happened to him and she hadn’t gone.”

And that’s when she gets the shock of her life, isn’t it?
“Yes. Peter thinks he’s going to die so there’s no reason why he’d start playing mind games about the murder. He tells Carla he will take the blame for Tina’s death, for her sake. It’s a moment of clarity for her as she realises Peter isn’t guilty at all.”

What does Carla do?
“Caral can’t keep this to herself because she’s incredibly troubled by it. She confides in Michelle [Kym Marsh] first, and Michelle agrees that if Peter is this convinced that Carla killed Tina, then it means he can’t have done it. Once they say it out loud, both realise this means Tina’s murderer is still free. Then Carla confides in Rob, too…”

“He’s automatically defensive, telling her to forget what Peter said. He says Peter’s just playing his usual mind games, and making her feel like she’s done something wrong so that she will believe him when he says he’s innocent.”

But Carla tells Rob (Marc Baylis) she’s thinking of telling the police what Peter said…
“And he must be quaking inside, but hides it. Rob tries to tell her Peter’s probably had all sorts of medication in hospital and doesn’t know what he’s saying.”

Does this make Carla suspicious?
“Carla thinks Rob is just trying to keep her away from Peter. But she does question why Rob can’t understand that she thinks she needs to do the right thing by helping find Tina’s real killer so an innocent man can be released – even if that man is Peter.”

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