Coronation Street fans moved by emotional Carla and Roy hospital scenes following her collapse

Viewers also enjoy touching moments of humour between them

Coronation Street viewers were full of praise for moving scenes last night between Carla and Roy.

Roy came to Carla’s rescue when she collapsed, taking her to hospital before comforting her at her beside.

Roy also ensured the medical staff knew just how ill Carla had been, so when a nurse asked how she’d been feeling and Carla said “Yeah, fine,” Roy stepped in saying, “You’ve not been fine. As well as collapsing, she’s also been lethargic and exhausted. Not to mention exhausting.”

Viewers loved their warm friendship and the acting abilities of Alison King and David Neilson, with one writing: “A brilliant friendship like this one makes the soap so great.”

Another commented: “Such a special, unique and powerful bond. Really hope they receive the recognition they deserve one day.

Calra was touched when Roy revealed that he’d already taken a test to see if he could be her kidney donor, but was told he couldn’t. There was also some touching humour between the pair.

Carla: “Will you marry me?”

Roy: “I can’t think of anything more disturbing.”

Carla (laughing). “Talk about kick a girl when she’s down.”

Noting the father and daughter like relationship between the pair, one viewer commented: “Roy is more of a father to Carla than Johnny has ever been… that just goes to show you that being a parent doesn’t always depend on biology… love and support is all you need.”

After being told she needs a transplant, she finally told Aidan and Kate about her plight.

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 7.30pm.

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