Carla’s back!

Coronation Street’s Alison King reveals Carla feels it’s her fault Maria is with Tony… but she isn’t expecting to pay for her mistake with her life!

We last saw Carla 10 months ago, racing off into the night after Tony admitted he had Liam killed… Why did she run away instead of turning him in?

“Carla initially just wanted to put it all behind her and move on because she felt partly responsible for what happened to Liam. It was a direct result of their affair that he was killed.”

So what’s changed? What brings her back to Weatherfield?

“She’s found out from Leanne that Tony and Maria are engaged. She feels guilty that Tony’s planning to marry Liam’s widow and become a surrogate father to baby Liam. I’m not sure she would have returned otherwise.”

And coming back to the Street was always part of your own plan after having baby Daisy?

“I always planned to return to work. Work is part of who I am. Besides when Daisy’s three she’ll like coming to work to visit Mummy and like the stories that I’ll tell her when she’s older.”

Why does Carla pick the day of baby Liam’s christening to meet with Tony?

“She knows that turning up at the christening will force him to see her as he won’t want her making a scene and she thinks she can persuade him to do what she wants.”

Where do they meet and what does she say to him?

“They meet at Liam’s graveside. Carla tells Tony he must finish with Maria and walk away from her, the baby, the factory and Weatherfield – otherwise she will tell the police about how he had Liam murdered.”

How does Tony react?

“He’s scared. He tries to tell her how much he really loves Maria and begs her to reconsider. But Carla tells him he’s sick in the head. She is horrified at the thought of him being in Maria and baby Liam’s life. She despises him and wants him out of her life for good.”

In fact Tony’s plan is to make Carla disappear – for ever. Has she any idea?

“He tells her he’ll meet her at the factory later to sign over his shares. What she doesn’t know is he then calls his hitman Jimmy and instructs him to murder Carla or they’ll both be going to prison.”

What happens when Carla turns up at the factory?

“It’s empty and she lets herself in. But then she hears a noise and is spooked so she goes back to her flat. She has no idea it was Jimmy and he’s following her. Tony’s shocked when she calls him and tells him to come to the flat instead.”

Who gets there first – Jimmy or Tony?

“The door buzzer goes and Carla opens it thinking it’s Tony. She’s instantly terrified for her life when she sees it’s Liam’s killer Jimmy.”

But he doesn’t kill her…

“Jimmy’s got Carla pinned down and he’s trying to strangle her when Tony suddenly bursts in. Jimmy loosens his grip for a split second and Carla grabs a candlestick and smashes it over his head.”

Has she killed him?

“No but Tony lets her think she has. He promises if she keeps quiet about Liam and disappears again he’ll dispose of the body and nobody need know she’s a murderer.”

And she falls for it?

“He’s very convincing. She leaves for the airport and Tony tells Jimmy they’re in the clear…”

Which gives you some more time with your little girl… Has she changed your life very much?

“Totally. Daisy takes over my mind the whole time.”

Is it tough leaving her to go to work?

“I really miss Daisy when I’m at work. Being a mum destroys all your priorities. It also means feeling scared and petrified that you’re solely responsible for this little thing, and gut-wrenchingly guilty that if you aren’t there something might happen.”

We hear you’ve shed a stone-and-a-half of baby weight… Was it tough?

“Since the baby there’s more thigh and my boobs have gone right down – they need a lot more help. And because I had a C-section, unless I train every day my stomach will take quite a while to go back to the way it was. But apart from that I’m OK.”

You’re one of five children… Will you want a brother or sister for Daisy?

“Probably at some point… but not just yet.”

How do you think Carla would cope if she became pregnant?

“It would certainly throw a spanner in the works for her. Carla’s very independent and is quite selfish. But then, as I found out, you never know how you’ll cope until you’ve done it.”

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