Carla’s in a deadly, explosive situation!

Coronation Street’s Alison King reveals Carla’s days could be numbered with the news Tony is breaking out of jail and coming to get her!

While Tony’s plotting revenge, Carla’s blissfully unaware and having fun with binman Trev… Isn’t he a bit of an odd choice for her?

“Trev is just what Carla needs. He’s straightforward and easy on the eye!”

Does she have feelings for him or is he just good in bed?

“It’s a bit of both. He makes her feel special and he’s also very manly and makes her feel protected, too.”

And she’s going to need protection when Tony escapes jail and comes after her…

“Carla would be terrified if she had any idea about Tony’s escape plot. She knows better than anyone how dangerous he can be. She wouldn’t doubt he’d kill again.”

Does Carla fear Tony hates her enough to kill her if he got the chance?

“Yes. He’s never forgiven her for cheating on him with Liam and her part in losing him Maria. If she knew he was about to break out and return to the Street she’d fear for her life. But at the moment her biggest fear is the factory going under…”

What’s going wrong at the factory?

“After what happened with Tony, Carla took her eye off the ball – they’ve lost orders and contacts. Carla is worried.”

So it’s a nightmare when the girls walk out because the roof is leaking?

“Carla is losing control and doesn’t like that.”

It’s been revealed that the factory won’t be going under – it’ll be going up in flames thanks to Tony…

“We’ve been filming some explosive scenes involving loads of the cast – in fact they’re the most expensive episodes Corrie has ever produced. I’ve been involved in some fantastic stunts.”

Word is two people die… Any hints about who?

“We’ve all been sworn to secrecy. If I told you, Tony would have to kill you!”

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