Carla’s tasted forbidden fruit

Carla and Liam are in lust but – sssh! – it’s a secret! Or so says Coronation Street star Alison King…

Carla’s been coping pretty well since losing hubby Paul. She’s thrown herself into the factory and now it looks like she could be throwing herself into a new relationship.

Only it’s not with old business associate Tony as brother-in-law Liam suspects… it’s with him!

How does it develop? “It all starts after Liam shocks Carla with a kiss. He gets jealous when she starts seeing Tony, a business associate she’s known for years and accuses her of getting over Paul too quickly. They end up having a major slanging where Carla tells Liam to butt out of her personal life. At which point Liam suddenly grabs her and kisses her!”

And it’s not all one-sided, says Alison.

“She doesn’t pull away immediately which suggests that deep down she doesn’t want to because she fancies him too. But then she comes to her senses and acts disgusted that Liam kissed her.”

However an act is all it is… “She’s in denial that there is this chemistry, this passion between them. But it’s been there from the start which explains why they’ve always had such a volatile relationship. The truth is Carla may have always secretly fancied Liam, but never allowed herself to acknowledge this because she was married to Liam’s brother.”

With Paul dead and gone though things are different and after Liam’s kiss, can they ever be the same again?

“Carla keeps wondering about Paul and how she’s been disloyal to him even though he was sleeping with prostitutes before he died. She’s disgusted at herself for kissing Liam back. The fact that he’s always made himself out to be a womaniser doesn’t help either. To try and get over what’s happened between Liam and herself, she throws herself into her relationship with Tony. It’s kind of if she’s with Tony, Liam can’t get to her. And I think Liam’s going through the same thing by dating Maria.”

So it’s just a matter of time till they fall into bed together then?

“Not necessarily. It nearly happens but Carla pulls back at the last moment and tells Liam she doesn’t feel anything sexual for him. And I’m glad. I think whatever is between Carla and Liam needs to bubble away for a time. Be their secret which will make things very exciting. This way whenever they come into contact there’s going to be this undercurrent between them. And if they do end up having an affair, they’ll have to keep it secret because it’s almost taboo…”

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