Eva’s so extreme in her revenge, ‘Aidan and Maria should be very afraid’, says Corrie’s Catherine Tyldesley

Eva discovers Aidan and Maria have been having an affair, reveals star Catherine Tyldesley. And she plans to make them pay!

Eva’s world falls apart when she finally finds out that fiance Aidan is cheating on her with her so-called friend Maria in Corrie.

“Eva is devastated, but also very angry – she’s madly in love with Aidan and feels so betrayed by him. Not only that, Maria, whom she regards as her best mate since Kylie died, has gone against the sacred ‘girl rule’,” Catherine Tyldesley told Soaplife.

And, to complicate matters further, Eva discovers she may be pregnant!

“I know! Eva’s experiencing so many different emotions. If she’d found out she was pregnant before she found out about Aidan [Shayne Ward] and Maria [Samia Longchambon], she’d have been over the moon. All she’s ever wanted is to meet her Prince Charming, settle down and have a family. Now she’s discovered she doesn’t have anything that she thought she had.”

How does she find out about the affair?
“That would be telling, but it’s brilliantly done.”

Does Eva feel foolish because she trusted Aidan and Maria?
“Totally. Eva can be quite naive and likes to see the good in people, but she does have trust issues because every boyfriend she’s ever had has cheated on her, plus her own father walked out on her when she was a toddler. The ‘bunny boiler’ gene has been lying dormant for a while, but now it’s back with a vengeance.”

She wants revenge then?
“Totally. Eva the Diva is back! She wants to make Aidan hurt as much as she is hurting and she thinks what she is planning is the best way of doing that.”

What’s the end goal?
“She wants to see Aidan with nothing. She truly thought he was the man she would spend the rest of her life with. She’s given herself to him completely and now he’s done this. Eva will stop at nothing to make sure he is deeply, deeply hurt. But it’s going to be hard for her because she does love him – and then there’s the baby…”

It’s fortunate that Eva gives good poker face!
“I know. I couldn’t begin to do what she’s planning. Personally it’s not what I’d advise her to do, but for me as an actress it’s fantastically juicy stuff. When I first read the scripts, I was literally scared to turn every page. I was like, ‘Oh my God, what is she doing?’ and I just couldn’t put it down. Eva’s just so extreme in her response. Aidan – and Maria – should be very afraid.”

Coronation Street, ITV

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