Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley reveals to Soaplife how Eva’s hurt when her mum Stella says she’s leaving…

Why is Eva so upset about her mum leaving?

“She feels she’s being deserted. She was upset when her gran upped and left and now her mum is doing the same. It’s unnerving for her.”

And she’s upset further when she finds out Leanne knew Stella’s plans first. Why?

“Eva has this feeling of being second best to Leanne. The reason the family moved to Weatherfield in the first place was because Stella wanted to find Leanne, so it’s still a bit of an issue with Eva. It feels like Leanne’s come first again, but there was no agenda in Stella telling Leanne first.”

Does Eva have a big showdown with Stella?

“There’s not so much a showdown, but Eva is really hurt. She takes it as a personal attack and is genuinely shocked. Stella’s her best friend as well as her mum so it feels like a double loss.”

Is she jealous Stella’s off to New York?

“Well, if it wasn’t for Jason, Eva might well be going with her. Jason’s the only reason Eva wants to stay in Weatherfield, really. Jason’s become Eva’s rock and he’s very supportive. She feels like she’s becoming a member of the Grimshaw clan which is great, but Stella’s flesh and blood – and nobody can replace that.”

Isn’t Eva being selfish?

“She is, really. Tony, Jason’s dad, tells her she’s that, too. Eva likes having a father figure telling her what to do so she takes his words on board. She realises that Stella’s her own person, not just her mum.”

So does she make up with Stella?

“Yes – it’s all fine. Eva tells Stella she wants her to be happy. They hug and say they’ll miss each other, but there is a strong mother-daughter bond so they don’t need to say too much. Eva still has Leanne as well as Jason. The sisters have a good relationship now, and they move in together. It’ll be interesting to see how that works out!”