Catherine Tyldesley: Eva Price is hard work!

Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley has confessed she is finding her character Eva Price to be high maintainance, thanks to her glamorous appearance.

The soap star revealed to Inside Soap magazine she originally insisted Eva should always have immaculate nails and be perfectly tanned – but admitted she is now regretting the decision.

Catherine said: “Like Eva I love everything to be pretty and glam – but Eva’s much more high maintenance than I could ever be!

“When I first joined Coronation Street, I decided that Eva would always have her nails manicured to perfection, and she would never be seen without a spray tan!

“Although, to be quite honest, Eva’s whole routine is so time-consuming, maybe I should have considered the consequences of her pristine appearance much earlier!”

The 28-year-old actress also revealed that she can sometimes find her laugh embarrassing.

“If I ever find something hilariously funny, my laugh just comes out,” she explained. “I was in a scene with Keith Duffy the other day – and I was the biggest Boyzone fan.

“He said something that made me laugh and this cackle just came out – horrific!”