Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley tells Soaplife why Eva Price has a change of heart about telling Aidan Connor he's going to be a dad!

As the time draws ever nearer for Eva Price to leave Weatherfield for her baby bolt-hole in the country, she doesn’t know whether she can go through with the deal she has made with desperate-to-be-a-mum Toyah Battersby, Catherine Tyldesley told Soaplife…

What’s the story?

Eva Price is keeping her pregnancy a secret from nearly everyone, including the baby’s dad Aidan Connor. The only person who knows she’s expecting is Toyah Battersby, who Eva has promised to hand her baby to… now she is having doubts. Will she tell Aidan the truth – or go through with the deal?

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Catherine Tyldesley tells Soaplife about Eva Price’s pregnancy pact doubts and how she is still in love with Aidan…

Soaplife: What makes Eva feel she should let Aidan know that he is going to be a dad?

“At her ante natal class, Eva looks round the room at all these couples and sees them getting ready for what should be the most important moment in their lives and she suddenly realises she is robbing Aidan of the chance to be there. He will never get to hold their baby, sing to her and do all the things that dads are supposed to do and Eva feels completely overwhelmed.”

S: Deep down, has she always had doubts about giving up her baby?

CT: “She went into the arrangement with a very genuine heart. Eva and Toyah have become very close, and she genuinely felt sorry for Toyah. Rather naively, she thought she could absolutely deal with it, but she is still in love with Aidan and this is their baby.”

S: Does Toyah pick up that something’s not right with Eva?

CT: “Yes, she senses something. Toyah is a very genuine person and hates lying as much as Eva does. Peter and Aidan don’t deserve to be told such a massive lie, and both women are riddled with guilt. Toyah realises Eva should go for it with Aidan if she thinks it could work out.”

S: Do you think Eva should tell Aidan?

CT: “Yes, 100 per cent. She should have told him before now but it’s taken Eva this long to admit she loves him. She’s been suppressing her feelings.”

S: Do you think Eva would make a good mum?

CT: “She would be loads of fun and she would cherish a baby. But the thought of being a single mum overwhelms her – it’s just not something she thinks she could do.”

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