Eva was supposed to be getting married to her new bloke in France, but now she’s back in Weatherfield – alone. What’s going on? Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley reveals all…

Is Eva back for Jason?

“In her heart of hearts, she’s hoping she might rekindle something with Jason [Ryan Thomas]. Eva’s finished with the guy she’s been seeing in France because it was a rebound thing and her heart wasn’t in it. The truth is she’s still very much in love with Jason.”

What happens when Eva sees Jason?

“Eva and Jason run into each other in the street. All her feelings come rushing back, but she’s a bit drunk and she’s angry.”

Why is she drunk and angry?

“She’s been boozing on the plane and, once she’s back in Weatherfield, she heads straight for the Rovers. She doesn’t stay long – just long enough to see Todd [Bruno Langley] and throw a drink in his face for his dirty tricks that wrecked things with her and Jason. Then she storms out into the street and bumps into Jason.”

How does he react?

“It’s the same for Jason as it is for Eva. Cupid’s bow shoots and the arrow strikes them both!”

Would you like to see Jason and Eva get back together?

“Yes. They work well together and they’re a sweet couple who’ve had some bad relationship luck. They deserve some happiness – and they still love each other.”

Is Eva’s sister Leanne surprised to see her?

“Yes. The last Leanne [Jane Danson] heard, Eva was supposed to be marrying this Frenchman. Leanne’s pleased to see her, though, and she’s happy to let Eva stay with her. Before Eva left, Eva and Leanne’s relationship was stronger than ever.”

You’ve been on maternity leave… What’s it like being a working mum?

“I’m really lucky because I’m not even 10 minutes away from home, so if I’ve got a scene off, I can nip home and get my kisses and cuddles with [son] Alfie. It’s like I’ve never been away in terms of returning to the studios. We’re like a big family, nothing’s changed and I don’t think I’d realised quite how much I’d missed it.”

How are you feeling about the live episode?

“I’m really excited, but I’m also slightly nervous. However, my background is in theatre, so I buzz off that live atmosphere and it will be great to have that kind of adrenalin rush again.”

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