Peter Barlow’s in such a bad way that he may start hitting the bottle again, Chris Gascoyne tells Soaplife! And that’s not the only Barlow family drama!

When it comes to arguments, Peter Barlow and his dad, Ken, have had some proper humdingers over the years. But they’ve always managed to make up. Not this time, though. This time it’s terminal. “Having spoken to Peter’s admirer, Chloe Tipton, Ken tells Toyah Battersby that Peter’s having an affair with her, which, of course, he’s not,” actor Chris Gascoyne tells Soaplife. “But Toyah believes Ken and leaves Peter.”

How does Peter react to Toyah leaving?
“He’s always expected his dad and Leanne Battersby [Jane Danson] not to have faith in him, but he thought Toyah believed in him. The fact she so readily accepts what Ken tells her and refuses to listen to Peter’s explanation is devastating for him. When Toyah walks out, he feels there’s nothing left for him.”

Does he feel betrayed?
“He’s done such a lot for Toyah [Georgia Taylor] by agreeing to start IVF. It’s trying to find money for the treatment that’s landed him in trouble. He probably brought some of it on himself by slightly leading Chloe on, but he was doing it for the right reasons. However, in true Peter style, it all blows up in his face.”

What’s going on in Peter’s head when he considers drinking whisky?
“He storms into the Rovers, grabs the bottle and takes it back to the flat. He’s literally staring at temptation and he’s putting all his good work at real risk. Everyone thinks he’s bad, so he’s thinking he may as well prove them right by drinking himself into oblivion and forgetting all his troubles that way.”

Does Peter know lots of people are arguing with Ken right now?
“He’s aware there are tensions in the family, but that’s nothing new. He doesn’t know Ken told Adam [Sam Robertson] to leave. He thinks his nephew’s gone to Canada for work because that’s what Ken’s told everybody. He knows Ken and Tracy [Kate Ford] aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, and there are problems with Daniel [Rob Mallard]. The Barlows are such a dysfunctional family that things never really run smoothly between them.”

We hear it’s a massive fortnight for the family…
“It’s very exciting! The upcoming events will have huge consequences and it could change the Barlows for ever. It’s a story that affects every single one of them and several other people in the Street.”

Coronation Street, ITV