Look who’s back on Coronation Street! It’s Eva, who left Weatherfield earlier this year to go to France, where she met the man of her dreams. Or so she thought. With the wedding off, she’s returned home, dumped her bags, and headed to the Rovers to drown her sorrows.

Already heartbroken, who’s the last person in the world she wants to see propping up the bar? That’s right. Todd… The man whose scheming wrecked her previous romance with Jason.

It’s no wonder Eva turns ugly and lays into Todd for ruining her relationship with Jason. Having had her say, she throws her drink over him – much to the amusement of Sarah.


But the question on everyone’s lips is: will Eva and Jason get back together? They certainly seem to be picking up the threads of their friendship as they catch up with each other after meeting in the street.


But it only takes one misplaced word… and when Eva innocently calls Jason a softie, he’s none too pleased – well, he has just tried to batter Callum to pulp! Can the former lovers put their differences aside and reunite?

Watch Eva return to Coronation Street, ITV,  on Wednesday, September 16