Chris Fountain faces ‘crisis talks’ over Corrie career

Coronation Street star Chris Fountain is facing a meeting with soap bosses on Monday as sources suggest he could be hanging on to his job ‘by a thread’.

The actor, who plays Tommy Duckworth in the show, was suspended after footage emerged on YouTube of his ‘totally unacceptable’ rapper alter-ego The Phantom.

The clips, featuring Chris in a mask and hoodie, feature him delivering expletive-laden performances with themes of violence and rape.

And although he has issued an apology, an insider told the Mirror that his future on the show could be threatened.

“Chris’s career on the soap is hanging by a thread at the moment,” the source said.

“These videos have disgusting lyrics and have only created negative publicity for ITV and Corrie so he has a lot of explaining to do.”

The insider added: “There is a big meeting at the start of the week and Chris will have to come in and fight to keep his Corrie career. He has a lot of thinking to do this weekend.”

While ITV chiefs have reportedly hinted that the videos have brought the show ‘into disrepute’, other Corrie stars have stood by the actor, pointing out that other cast members including Michael Le Vell and William Roache have been given the support of the producers in times of trouble.

However an ITV source said that neither of those two stars – who are both facing trial over sex charges – were suspended as neither has yet been convicted of an offence.

“Chris’s case is very different as he admits he is guilty and it is therefore right to suspend him. It is not double standards,” a source said.