Coronation Street actor Chris Fountain has revealed that he would like Tommy Duckworth and Tina McIntyre to get back together.

The couple – played by Chris and Michelle Keegan – decided to call it quits after Tina chose to become a surrogate mother for Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong.

The 25-year-old ex Hollyoaks actor told the Coronation Street official website: “They’ve been through so much together. I think because of the way the romance has played out over such a long period of time, it would be really nice if they were to get back together.”

He added: “She’s been the one since he arrived on the Street, she’s always been the one he wanted. I think if they had another go at it Tommy would definitely make a proper good go of it. I think they’re both a little more mature now and with everything they’ve been through they’ve had to grow up a lot.”

Chris believes settling for friendship would be difficult.

“I think they could be just friends, but he would find it so difficult. When they arrange to go out for dinner he does clarify that it would just be as mates, but I think there’s also an undertone to his voice that makes it obvious he’s really excited about spending time with her,” he said.

He also admitted that he would find it just as tough if he was in Tommy’s shoes in real life.

“I had to think about how I’d feel if my girlfriend decided to have a baby for someone else before we’d had our own, and how it would feel when it came to us having our own child and it not being her first born. That’s quite hard to get your head round,” he said.