Coronation Street star Chris Fountain has reportedly been urged by show bosses to make an apology on live TV for his explicit rap videos.

The actor – who plays Weatherfield’s Tommy Duckworth – was suspended from the soap earlier this week after the videos, in which he raps about extreme violence and rape under the name of The Phantom, surfaced online.

And while he has already issued a statement apologising and has said sorry to ITV bosses, he is also being encouraged to appear on either Daybreak or This Morning to apologise to viewers.

“These videos are disgusting and bosses need to work out exactly how to handle the situation,” a source told the Sunday Mirror.

“But while they are furious, they need to make sure his future is dealt with fairly. Chris is hopeful that he will convince them he deserves a second chance.”

The insider added: “He is hoping the fact that they are ­suggesting he might go on TV to make a grovelling ­apology is a sign that they could see a future for him.

“But he knows the ­severity of what has ­happened. He also knows decisions will not be made hastily. He’s very upset by the distress caused to the show, its fans and anybody else.”

Another source revealed: “Every TV show has asked for his first interview. It may even be that he does a press conference.”

Chris’ character appeared in Friday’s episode of Coronation Street and is due to appear again this coming Friday – although there is speculation that the episode may be hastily re-edited so that Tommy does not feature.

Meanwhile the soap’s cast has been divided over the incident, with some standing by the star – but others are less keen, with one senior cast member refusing to work with him in light of the videos.

“The cast are split. It has hit a nerve,” a source explained. “Older members think what Chris has done is revolting. Younger members feel sorry for him.

“They know he has been stupid but they don’t think he should be punished as much as he has. Right now Chris is suspended. But if he returns, one actress is refusing to even look at him, let alone work with him. It could cause a lot of problems.”