Coronation Street Chris Gascoyne tells of Peter’s nightmare when his little boy ends up lost… all because of him

Why do Granddad George and Eve take Simon to Blackpool?

“It’s basically for a trip, but while they’re there George suggests to Eve that maybe they should never go back to Weatherfield. Simon overhears and runs off…”

Do you mean George intends to steal Simon away. Why?

“He’s had enough of Peter’s drinking. He believes he’s a bad father and Simon would be better off with him. And to be fair Peter’s given George reason to feel this way. Just days earlier he even physically assaults George when he won’t let him see Simon.”

That doesn’t sound good…

“Peter’s provoked, but it’s the worst thing he could do. He ends up arrested and George ends up being given temporary legal custody of Simon.”

Does Peter even know they’ve gone to Blackpool?

“After he’s released from prison he goes to see Simon only to find there’s no sign of anyone at George’s house. He has no idea where they are and panics.”

How does he learn Simon’s missing?

“Eve rings Peter. She tells him they’ve lost Simon. Worse still she tells him that George is refusing to call the police. It’s a nightmare situation. Simon’s only six and is wandering the streets of Blackpool all alone. Or worse…”

What does Peter do?

“The police are called, then Peter, Leanne, Ken and Deirdre all rush to Blackpool to join in the search. But as night draws in there’s still no sign of Simon. In the end the police tell Peter to go home and they will contact him if Simon is found. In his head, Peter has a tiny hope that Simon may find his way to him so he goes back and waits.”

Then comes the knock on the door… Is it good news or bad?

“Peter’s terrified and expects the worst. But when he opens the door he’s overwhelmed to see Simon there. He’s in a real state, bedraggled and scared, but somehow he’s found his own way home. Peter hugs him and vows he’ll never ever let him go again.”

Will George fight him for custody again?

“Losing Simon is a wake-up call for George as well as Peter. He breaks down, full of apologies, and says he’s dropping his custody battle. Like Peter he’s just desperate for another chance to do right by little Simon…”