Christmas wedding for Gail!

Coronation Street‘s Helen Worth warns there’ll be no fairytale ending when Gail says yes to Joe…

What with debts, addiction and depression… what does Gail see in Joe?

“She loves him. They’ve been through a lot but he’s cleaned up his act and she really admires him for that. Gail does seem to like people who need her – it must be the mothering instinct in her.”

Why was she so angry when he bought the boat?

“Because he hasn’t got any money – and because she’s terrified of water. But she realises doing it up has given him a purpose and she likes the idea of David and Joe working together and getting closer.”

Does Gail think Joe’s a good influence on David?

“She knows Joe’s a good man and she hopes that will rub off on David. All she wants is a normal family life with everyone getting on.”

Joe’s made redundant from the hardware shop. How does Gail react?

“She tells him not to worry and says she’ll support him until he gets another job.”

Why is Gail so terrified of water?

“Richard Hillman nearly drowned her and her family in the canal. I had to learn to swim for those scenes so I can see why Gail’s so scared of water. The thought of going out on a boat fills her with dread.”

Why does Joe plan a candlelit dinner on the boat… in the driveway?

“It’s romantic and he knows Gail likes spontaneous things. And of course he knows she wouldn’t go out on the water.”

And then he gets down on one knee and proposes – is it a shock?

“Totally. She can’t believe it. She’s thrilled.”

Gail says yes to a Christmas wedding as the Bonfire Night fireworks go off… Is that a good sign or an omen?

“She thinks it’s romantic and fabulous but to be honest it’s probably a sign of all the fireworks to come. They aren’t going to have an easy ride.”

Do you worry that Gail’s choosing another bad one in Joe?

“Of course he isn’t right for her. She knows he has problems but has no idea about the full extent and she certainly doesn’t know about the loan shark.”

If it did go wrong, would Gail be able to cope with losing another husband?

“It would depend how she lost him. She’s lost three now, she’s getting very careless…”

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